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When landscaping your driveway, considering curb appeal is just as important as function. Depending on your design ideas, you can easily combine great landscape ideas like garden beds with materials that accent and highlight the architectural style of your home.

The shape and size of the driveway is also an important consideration in terms of creating flow and visual appeal, and the type of material used for the driveway itself will certainly impact things like cost factor, function and maintenance.

Driveways are also important for adding value to your home. Homes with driveways sell for higher amounts and landscaping your driveway only adds to the curb appeal. Research shows that the higher the curb appeal, the faster a home sells and the higher the price point it commands. Naturally, certain shapes and styles of driveway are more suited to some types of homes than others, so it is crucial to consider the look you are hoping to achieve as you plan your driveway.

As outdoor experts, the team at Ivy Terra Lawn & Landscape has years of knowledge in creating masterpieces for our clients, from their front curb to their backyard. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and we have built a solid reputation on our abilities for bringing their vision of a beautiful landscape to life. We incorporate our eye for design into every aspect, creating a unique design that showcases their property, and our standard of excellence has kept us at the top of our industry.

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