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Landscape & Hardscape Services

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Design + Build Services

Our mission at Ivy Terra is to create the landscape that fits your needs, your budget, and your dreams. We love maximizing every square foot of your property. Whether it's a small urban yard that needs uplifting, a commercial property with multitudes of challenges or a newly constructed home to start from scratch. We will build you a landscape specific to your property. 

​Our team takes a lot of pride in approaching each and every one of your outdoor spaces with a higher knowledge base than most landscapers. We can build a traditional landscape with turf grass and a few trees. However, we thrive in creating complex landscapes that involve every facet of your outdoor space and your surrounding neighborhood.  When creating your design, we take all aspects of the landscape into consideration. Everything plays a role including the soil, hydrology (rain water), sun exposure, present day desires and future dreams.

During your first counsultation, Ivy Terra will provide a complete walk through of your entire property. Unlike other contractors, we look far beyond the problem at hand. We love educating and providing critical information to help you get the absolute most out of your time, your money, and the asset you have in your outdoor space.  We understand the necessity for budgeting and planning and love working with our clients to maximize every square foot, every hour of manual labor, and every penny. We do things that make sense not just for the present but for the long term as well. Whether this is a place you're in for the next six months or the next six-ty years, we can plan for that. We will design your property to become a wonderful space that not only gives you the ultimate functionality but also year round beauty, biodiversity, wildlife, and sustainability.

We encourage everyone to challenge their landscape contractor. Many say they are experts in everything but truly don't have the experience or the education to do a project correctly. Furthermore, many just can't hold up to the quality and professional standards Ivy Terra has and that's why they're so cheap. Unfortunately, we frequently end up having to clean up other contractor's mistakes. Wasting money is bad enough, but the time and anxiety dealing with a bad contractor isn't worth it. Get it done right the first time! Give us a call or fill out the Contact Us form. 

Our Process

Step 1 - Free Consultancy & Property Survey

Allow us an onsite visit to discuss your landscaping needs and survey the property.  We map out utility locations, spot elevations and more, so we can evaluate where levels need to change and look for potential drainage issues.

Step 2 - Scaled Drawing & Proposal

Our team will work to create the right design within your budget for your consideration.  In this second step, you end up with a site plan of your property that you can use for any projects down the road.  We’ll discuss your needs and priorities, review design ideas and by the end, you’ll have a strong vision of your project along with a very good idea of what it may cost.

Step 3 - Contract Signing & Project Coordination

Review our design and estimate and if it meets all your requirements let's begin working on your project.

Step 4 - Construction Started

At this point, the designer will have completed working drawings that the crew can use to efficiently install your dream landscape, the plans have been approved, the contracts are completed, and the fun part can begin: The Installation!  Working within a provided timeframe, our experienced team will begin to bring your design to life. Before our start, you’ll be assigned a Job Coordinator as your single point of contact who will facilitate any construction concerns moving forward.

Step 5 - Consturction Finsihed, Walk-through, & Sign-Off

Our projects are never done until our clients review all work and are satisfied with the results.  With our friendly, dedicated crews, we’ll make sure your project is a success!

Commercial Landscaping

Hardscaping is an important part of commercial landscaping services. Stone pathways and retaining walls can define the boundaries of your commercial landscape, while turning it into a space where people can comfortably walk and enjoy the local environment. What is the first impression that people get from your property? That answer may depend a lot on the type of landscaping or hardscaping. If your property is not as aesthetically appealing as you would like, give our expert landscapers a call. We can help you out whether you would like to beautify your entire property or just want to add a few flourishes. You would be amazed how far landscaping efforts can go in terms of generating curb appeal and raising property values. Even better, sometimes a little landscaping can go a long way when it comes to making a property stand out from the rest.

Landscaping Services

Ivy Terra offers a comprehensive array of landscaping services to ensure that we can meet the needs of all our customers in southeastern US and Texas. From shrub and tree installation to flower bed and garden design, our professionals can handle it all. That means we know which landscaping choices will be the best for you and your property. Our Texas climate can be especially unforgiving to certain plant species. So, if you are unsure about what types of plants will be a great fit, we will help to guide your choices. Our landscapers will tell you about those that are likely to thrive as well as about those plants which may not be well-suited for your property. We can also help with specialized request and needs, like water-efficient landscaping options.

Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping has to do with the man-made elements of landscape architecture, such as paths, masonry, and woodwork. Many of our customers use a combination of landscaping and hardscaping to best complement their property. There are lots of choices available for things like retaining walls and paths. We are happy to work with you to find the best options that match your preferences and requirements. Above all, we want you to love the choices you made, the services you received, and how your property looks when we are done.

Landscape Lighting Services

Sometimes it takes more than planting and care to make a green space look its best. People might overlook beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers if the property upon which they reside is dimly lit, hard to access or poorly maintained. Boost the appeal of your shared space or clubhouse with high-quality landscape lighting.  Our team can partner with your homeowners, homeowner’s association, or property management company to create, improve, and maintain these spaces. Call today (800) 540-2840.

NOTE: Depending on complexity, comprehensive landscape designs usually take about 5 days and at the end, you will be presented with a full written proposal, full landscape design presentation, and detailed cost sheet for the install.

*** Ivy Terra is a full-stack landscape services provider specializing in the design + build of visually stunning low-maintenance and cost-effective solutions for residential, multi-unit communities, and commercial properties in the greater Houston area.