How to Keep Your Lawn Green in Summer Heat

Having a lush, green lawn can do wonders for the curb appeal of your house and vibe of your home. During the beautiful spring months, your yard will likely look that way without much maintenance. However, keeping your lawn green once the summer heat kicks will require some extra attention to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged and leave your grass yellow and dry. For more helpful tips on keeping your lawn in tip-top shape, contact the experts at Ivy Terra today.


Protect the Roots of the Grass

The key to a healthy lawn lies in the roots of the grass. Throughout the year, your lawn can be exposed to a multitude of risk factors. These can include arctic temperatures in winter, lack of sun exposure in fall, and too much water in spring.


However, to have a green lawn that can survive in the summer heat, the roots of the grass must be taken care of year-round. Focus on giving your lawn the right amount of water that it needs. Do this by addressing any problem areas quickly before they spread. In the summer months, you can protect the roots of the grass by mowing on a high setting that keeps the blades long. The taller grass will provide shade to the roots during the extreme heat. This shade is crucial, protecting the roots so they can stay healthy and strong.


The Time of Day Matters

Two of the main factors that contribute to a healthy lawn are proper mowing and watering. What you may not know is that both need to be done at a specific time. Otherwise, they might not give your lawn the benefits that it needs. For example, it is crucial to water your lawn in the morningbefore the summer heat kicks in. This will ensure that your lawn has time to absorb the water. However, if it were watered in the middle of the day, much of the water would evaporate before it could adequately feed your lawn.


The same rule applies to mowing your lawn. To avoid added stress and damage to your lawn, it is important to mow your lawn in the early morning or late afternoon.

Stock Up On the Right Tools

The tools you use to take care of your lawn will play a key role in the end result. First, it is important to service and maintain your lawnmower properly. If the blades are rusty and dull, then it will not cut your grass well. In fact, it could damage your plants and cause them to brown.



Next, you will want to equip yourself with other tools that will help your lawn maintain a healthy appearance, like fertilizer. Fertilizer feeds your lawn the extra nutrients that it needs to maintain a healthy, lush appearance. Lastly, make sure to check your sprinkler system and address any problem areas regularly. For more information on tools to properly care for your lawn with, contact the experts at Ivy Terra.

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