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Shrubs need regular attention to make sure they do not get overgrown and take over the surrounding plants. And while some shrubs require a high level of maintenance to ensure their aesthetic appeal, there are many other types that may only need pruning once to twice a year. Regardless of what types of shrubs live on your commercial property, we will give each of them the care they require. We will not take a one-size-fits-all approach because every part of your landscaping deserves individualized care and maintenance plans.

If there are trees on your commercial property, we offer arborist services to help keep your trees happy and healthy. In many instances, trees are fairly low maintenance landscape additions. However, it is important to have a specialist on-hand just in case your trees become affected by pests or disease. Also, our arborists can identify issues before they become dangerous, such as trees that need to be taken down before they fall and cause injuries or property damage.Call today (800) 540-2840.

*** Ivy Terra is a full-stack landscape services provider specializing in Southeasrtern US and Texas native species arbor services for residential, multi-unit communities, and commercial properties in the greater Houston area.